Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Welcome to the Hidey Hole Inn blog, where we will be sharing a bit about ourselves and the Inn, as well as posting work in progress images in our sub-blogs.

I suppose an introduction to the owners is a great way to start this off, my name is Luke and I'll be maintaining the blog.  My wife Tiffany is the co-owner, and together we create the items we sell on our Etsy account and hopefully in craft fairs in the near future.  Tiffany creates dragons, turtles, and other critters out of polymer clay, while I weave chain mail and hollow out books.  We also both dabble in wire wrapping keys and dice into accessories and key chains.

We got married in July of 2014, and we have been slowly working towards filling our shop with items since April of the same.  Both of us love the idea of working from home and eventually making this (or something like it) our primary source of income, but for now we both have other jobs that keep us from developing as fast as we would like.  Before starting this whole fiasco, we tried to get all the paperwork done to be a legitimate business in the government's eyes as well as our own.  Since we knew that this was something that was near to our hearts, the fees we paid out the gate have been a driving force to keep us moving forward despite the wedding planning and other personal issues that went with that as we were just beginning.

Our driving goal is to make items that we would love to have or use (often we keep the experimental pieces for ourselves) and then sell them to others as well.  Some of our item selection originated as gifts for the holidays, others are just things we've seen or imagined and loved enough to make for ourselves.  Once we have one for us, we decide whether or not we could make enough to sell them at a reasonable price.  If the answer is no, it gets shelved, but often it is a resounding yes.

To read more about us personally, see our blogger profile linked to the right.

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Look for us at DeviantArt, Facebook, and Tumblr under HideyHoleInn.

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